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VIP Membership

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Once a year,  you will be charged $150 for our exclusive VIP Membership.

In reality, the $150 will actually be given back to you! The membership is just one way of you showing us that you are serious about booking with us. 

Added Benefits:

  • Up to two guaranteed appointments each month
  • No extra fee for Urgent Appointment upcharges.
  • 12% off  discount on any lace wig in stock every month
  • 10% off Products
  • $10 off your install once a month
  • Guaranteed to get you in within three days (excluding holidays or any pre-scheduled time off)
  • No deposit required to book
  • You don't have to worry about booking your own appointment! You are VIP Member-call me or text me to book it for you. 
  • Your calls will get answered by me (unlike before)
  • You have 12 hours to cancel (instead of 24)
  • Natural Hair Care 10% off
  • Braid Maintenance 10% off

Your membership will be active immediately. $150 will start your membership today! There's no extra cost to become a VIP Member and you can cancel at any time.

The membership is non-transferable and cannot be shared. Only online purchase discounts may be shared with friends and family. Discounts do not roll over to the next month. Every month you will receive a new discount code to purchase a lace wig off our website by using the code given to you. 

*Read the terms and conditions certain exceptions and restrictions may apply. But seriously,  it's time you start to make yourself a priority... plus get access to all the amazing VIP perks that will save you money and eliminate your financial stress when it comes to achieving incredible hair!


You will be charged $159.50 for this membership for the full year!

(Please email us for redemption: after purchase)

*No obligation cancellation.