Wig Sizing Instructions

6 Steps To Measure Your Head

Step 1: Measure The Circumference

Wrap the tape around your head. Make sure the measuring tape is not over your ears but on your actual head.

Step 2: Front To Back

Starting where your hairline is in front, put the metal in the middle of your head. Take the measuring tape straight down your head to your nape.

Step 3: Temple To Temple

Place the beginner of the measuring tape at the temple, go around the back of your head at the most curved part, and bring it around to the other temple.

Step 4: Nape Of Neck

Place the measuring tape at one side of your nape and go across to the other side of your neck.

Step 5: Ear To Ear Along Hairline

Take the beginning of the tape right above your ear and then bring it to your other ear. Make sure the center point should be the lowest part of your hairline.

Step 6: Ear To Ear Across The Top

Take the measuring tape on top of your ear and bring it across the top of your head, not too far back, not too far forward, just right across where the frontal would be.