Curly Wig & Hair Tips

Curly Wig & Hair Tips

When wanting to enhance your Curly Lace Wig, Curly or Deep Wave  (any wave or curl pattern) Bundles and even your very own hair.  Curly hair is very prone to frizz and often unruly. However, once you find what your routine is, you will make it your preferred technique. I pray this is it...

Step 1. Drench your hair, dripping wet. The reason being is that; wet hair makes it possible to use less product, but it's actually just enough;  Most curly hair is naturally dry because the oils and natural moisture can't travel down the bends and twists of each strand. Shampooing less will keep any oil and moisture, stay softer and smoother. After you shampoo, use curly hair products, for they usually help detangle and condition the hair as needed.

Step 2. Comb with a wide tooth comb. Detangle your curls. Works your way from the ends upward.

Step 3. Only style hair while its completely wet, for best results. Try Curl Cream by D.D. Daughters, it is bomb!!! Use a quarter sized dollop.

I prefer this product because I designed it to penetrate the curls and it does a wonderful job in keeping your curls soft and pliable. 

Step 4. To take out the overage of water while scrunching the hair to enhance with PAPER TOWEL! Please do not do this part of the process with a towel. Towels are usually made of a rough surface of cotton and that promotes frizz. You will love how a paper towel does the job of taking out the excess water, and keeps the curl while forming the curl.

Step 5. Let dry. Air dry or sit under a dryer 100-120 degrees. If using a hood dryer, sit until it reaches the dryness you desire, then you can air dry the rest.

Step 6. Please keep ends trimmed to prevent and eliminate split ends so they will help restore the curl's elasticity and bounciness.


If you try this product, Curl Cream by D.D. Daughters or our technique please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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