Building a Wig Clientele

Building a Wig Clientele

Building A Wig Clientele

I am booked out with clients until Fall 2023, which is no complaint at all! I am very blessed to be in that position and I want that for you also. :) So of course I am going to tell you how I got to this point. I’m not going to tell you that all you need to do is practice so you can be the best….nobody wants to hear that and we all know practice makes perfect.

  • Customer Service Skills these are a MUST! We know it can be difficult at times to deal with certain situations and even clients but how we treat people in those moments show so much of our character. Remain patient and kind.

  • Prebook Clients don’t let clients leave without pre-booking at least 2-3 appointments. Keep their cards on file for cancellations purposes. Now you know you have a guaranteed cash flow and that you may have room for more clients in a preplanned day.

  • Post Regularly clients in your area need to see your work and what you can do. It’s okay you only offer a few services tell them what you bring to the table as a Professional Wig Stylist for them.

  • Consistency don’t get too comfortable, just as there is an overflow of clients there is also an overflow of Hair stylists. Clients want to know they are getting a great service every time they come.

  • Have Fun what we do is an art. Experiment and try out new things on clients and offer them at a discount for practicing on them. They’ll love that you picked them to try it out on and tell a friend. Word of mouth will be your biggest advertisement!

These are all things I have done to help me gain the most loyal clientele a Hairstylist could ever dream of. My ladies keep my schedule full and me overfilled with joy to show up to work for the last 27 years. If your still struggling to gain a clientele drop a concern or question you have in the comment section below so I can help you.

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